Clarity, insights & process improvements

to facilitate growth and ease administrative burdens for solo & boutique law firms

I make it easier to grow your client base more effectively and manage your case matters more efficiently by optimizing workflows, developing smarter financials & high-utility analytics, and uncluttering your knowledge hubs.


Case Matter Software Implementation

Your firm can save countless hours of unnecessary administrative burden by streamlining processes, automating workflows, and modernizing your case matter software. Making the switch can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. I help with the technical implementation, setup, and customization, as well as the staff training for your new time tracking & legal matter software.

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High-Utility Reporting & Analysis

Maybe you’re working from cobbled-together spreadsheets that have gotten messy over time. Or the out-of-the-box reporting from your legal and financial software isn’t as helpful as it could be. Either way, I create easy-to-use reports, dashboards & KPIs that help you to uncover opportunities, expose blind spots, and gain deeper insights into your client and case matter data.

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Smart Budgets & Financial Modeling

How would your revenue and expenses shift if you hired a paralegal, assuming the extra manpower allowed you to take on either X, Y or Z new cases per year? I create flexible financial models that enable you to run important “what if” scenarios, so you can better plan for and drive growth. These models become the basis for a reusable budgeting template that you can reuse year after year.

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Highly Organized Document & Knowledge Hubs

Online repositories for shared legal documents, forms, new-hire policies, and other important assets can become extremely cluttered and disorganized over time. I design and implement highly organized company wikis (think modern-day intranet) so your team can easily find and access the information they need, as well as contribute to and collaborate on key projects more easily.

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Sheryl, you are a brilliant problem solver. Even your summaries are impeccably clear and well written. You have no idea how happy I am to have found you.

Sam S., Partner
Sheryl Ryan, Financial & Data Analyst


I inhale chaos & exhale structure.

I’m a spreadsheet whisperer and data junky with a hyper sense of organizational design and 20 years of figuring it out and making it happen.

I’ll bring analytic and operational rigor to your firm by creating intelligent reports and systems that make the business part of your law practice far easier to manage and grow.

I hold a B.S. Finance from Rutgers University, School of Business and an M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Boston University.

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