Your content, documents, forms, images, and other shared online assets will be logically organized with easy controls to restrict viewing and editing rights.


    Remember when you first set up Google Drive (or DropBox or OneDrive) and everyone was diligent about filing new documents, forms, and spreadsheets in the right folders? But, ya know… people get busy and things get a bit messy over time. It happens!

    I’ll help to clean up your online filing structure by first auditing your current system and (with your guidance) mapping out a clear BEFORE & AFTER. For security, the map will also list who can or cannot have access to the files within each folder and which type of access (view, edit, commenting). Once you approve the overall structure, you can keep me on to implement it or do it yourself in-house.


    Where do you store those helpful tidbits you outlined for new hires and the different processes you wanted everyone to follow for each case type? Are you emailing back and forth to disseminate and update this important information? Is email also how you’re sharing ideas and documenting meeting notes?

    If you don’t already have a secure space to collaborate and store company knowledge (think: modern intranet where everyone can contribute… not just HR), I can help you to design and implement one. If you have one, but it’s not cleanly organized and so information tends to go in, more easily than it comes out… I can help with that too.

    I’m a big fan of Confluence for internal wikis, though I’m more than happy to work within SharePoint or whatever collaboration tool you choose.

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