Your new reporting will help you to uncover opportunities, expose blind spots, identify key trends, and gain deeper business insights that you can act upon.


    Working within the confines of your existing legal (or financial) software, I’ll customize reporting to meet your firm’s unique needs. I’ll also organize everything to make sure the reports you use everyday are easily accessible, while the reports you don’t need or rarely use aren’t cluttering up the joint.


    Excel and Google Sheets are both my playgrounds. Using whichever you choose, I’ll develop a full range of reports, ad hoc analysis, or flexible models with clear summary tables and charts that are easy to digest and offer actionable insights you can use to manage your firm’s business.


    Even if you’re diligent about inputting everything into your legal and accounting software, you may still have spreadsheets floating around that need to be cobbled together. I’ll merge your chaotic data, reconcile the duplicates, clean up the messy and inconsistent formatting, and help you to make sense of what you’ve got.


    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are individual metrics that measure the health of your business at a glance. I’ll create a simple dashboard to help you track important metrics against a goal or previous time period. For example:

    • Number of open cases
    • Avg. fee per legal matter
    • Avg. client fee
    • % of revenue by top 10 of clients
    • % of revenue to goal
    • % of hours worked to hours billed
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